Approach & Values

Enfoque y Valores

Positive & Strengths-Based

Caitlan Anne looks for and builds on the strengths in the individuals, teams, and organizations she serves.

Inclusive, Equitable, & Just

Caitlan Anne strives to embody inclusivity and multicultural excellence in all of her services, and to advance equity, inclusion, and justice within her profession.

Developmental & Transformative

Caitlan Anne sees conflict and other challenges as opportunities for learning, growth, and transformation at the individual, group, and organizational level.


Caitlan Anne strives to acknowledge and work on the individual, group/community, and systems level to the extent possible, recognizing that individuals, groups, and the situations they encounter are interconnected with or influenced by other people, dynamics, and systems.

Preventive & Proactive

Caitlan Anne prevents destructive conflict through early intervention and proactive services, saving you a lot of time and stress in the long run.


Caitlan Anne helps those involved in impactful/harm-causing matters (on all sides) to fully understand and address what happened, including the resulting impacts/effects, needs, concerns, and goals of all involved, so that they can move forward in a constructive manner.

Mindful & Responsive

Caitlan Anne believes that a more mindful organization is a more healthy and effective organization. Conflict and other challenges are naturally arising occurrences when people with varying needs, styles, backgrounds, personalities, etc. come together to work on a shared project, program, or goal, or toward a shared vision. Caitlan Anne helps you respond mindfully and effectively to the challenges you face so that you can move forward with advancing your important work and achieving your goals.


Caitlan Anne builds on best practices with innovative and creative approaches to the complex situations that individuals, groups, and organizations/corporations face. In addition, she believes conflict and other challenges can lead to exciting innovations when handled in a constructive and creative manner.

Caitlan Anne Consulting advances human potential for mutual understanding, conscious relating, and peace.

Consultoría con Cati avanza el potencial humano para la comprension mutua, las relaciones conscientes, y la paz.

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